• Advocate for increased and equitable funding for all public schools, including critical review and reform of Chapter 70 funding structure
  • Support universal pre-K and expanded state support to make daycare affordable for all families
  • Protect and support rural schools by ensuring stable funding, as well as supporting rural communities to thrive and attract young families
  • Ensure affordability of community colleges, vocational training programs, and public universities for all residents of Massachusetts
  • Ensure that teachers, students, and parents have the resources and support they need to maintain safe and effective learning environments

Health and Wellbeing

  • Support single-payer healthcare, including dental, vision & mental health
  • Fund addiction prevention & recovery programs, with accessibility for rural areas
  • Expand healthcare options for rural areas, including tele-health, affordable home healthcare, & accessible transit options
  • Promote sustained attention to and funding of addiction prevention and recovery programs, including accessible programs in rural areas
  • Support healthcare workers to earn good wages and benefits that enable them to support their families and focus on patient care
  • Support and protect sexual and reproductive health and rights for all

Economic Development

  • Affordable broadband access for every home, school and business
  • Support small businesses and worker-owned cooperatives 
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour for all workers, with no sub-wage
  • Support regional centers for processing and manufacturing 

Environment, Food Systems, & Climate Change

  • Promote 100% renewable energy use through state subsidies and carbon tax; eliminate additional electric charges on homes with solar arrays; promote community solar
  • Protect our environmental wealth in Western Mass through increased land conservation and protection efforts for sustainable agriculture, recreation, tourism, and ecosystem health
  • Promote local food systems and farmers, protect and increase funding for the Healthy Incentives Program, and protect healthy soil, pollinators, and ecosystems for food production and human and environmental wellbeing
  • Increase transportation options by strengthening our regional transit authorities to expand bus service without raising prices for riders, expanding train travel including east-west rail, and piloting low-cost car-share programs.
  • Environmental justice approach to fighting climate change

Representation for All

  • Regular office hours in every town in the district to meet directly with citizens
  • Present, listening, and available at important public events and forums