My Values

Campaigns tend to focus on issues, but being a good legislator comes down to values. These are the values that guide my decisions and will shape my work as your State Representative:

  • I believe everyone deserves to earn a living wage and have access to quality healthcare and education without fear of debt and bankruptcy.
  • I believe in transparency. Government should belong to the people, and you should be able to find out where your tax dollars are going and get answers to your questions without confusion or hassle.
  • I believe your Representative should be accessible, and responsive to your concerns. As many people have already noticed during this campaign, I show up, whether you’re in Montague or Chester. And I will continue to do that as your Representative.
  • I believe that local businesses are our biggest economic strength and our economic policies should encourage and protect them.
  • I believe in economic policies that help regular people, not the super rich.
  • I am a strong supporter of the arts, and I believe they make our communities richer and happier places to live.
  • I believe that no one has all the answers, and everyone has something to contribute. I will always work hard to listen and learn, and I will ask tough questions when necessary, and I will be persistent.

Finally, I believe in walking my talk. You can see my values reflected in my household, my career, and my record of public service, and you can trust that I will stay true to myself and to you, as your Representative.